Piano Dentelle Electrolírico
Composition/Performance by Jonas Runa in the work Piano Dentelle, by Joana Vasconcelos

The work of Joana Vasconcelos, Piano Dentelle is simultaneously visual, musical and performative; An Interartistic, hypermodernist and multissensorial project, which always had the unique artistic contribution of Jorge Lima Barreto, as pianist.

Instead of the science fiction novel by Kurt Vonnegut ("Player Piano") which depicts a dystopia of automation; a post-holocaust world dominated by machines, we suggest an alternative aesthetic route – from the simian to the robot – the emergence of a new humanism; the art that expresses itself in radically new ways: A prepared piano controlled by a computer.

Musical intelligence of telematics coding, and objectivism that carries the work of art to the realized and idiosyncratic idea: an Hypomnema of the Real.

At the center of Joana Vasconcelos' work is the "object", interpreted in the sense of phenomenology. Object as the point of application in the physical world; inverse of idealized objects as abstract categories, languages or even the art itself, when considered independently of its concrete realization. "The awareness that we have of the objective world implies the awareness of another, different from myself, as a subject. An object that presents itself as the pole of identity of particular experiences, a transcendent identity that goes beyond the particular experiences "(Husserl, Formal and Transcendental Logic).

The work Piano Dentelle Electrolírico can be inscribed in a hypermodern situationism that acts on the universal psychosis. It is inexplicable crosscutting, distant quasar that reveals a new order beyond the Chaos (Caos-mosis / Chaos-sophy). Exponential semiotic exploitation – plurivocal multi-chromatic freedom - metonymy of the instant: A Sign that can never be imprisioned, infinitesimal instability spread to all scales.

The art of Joana Vasconcelos is paradoxical and polysemic, basis of her aesthetic questioning. It is the paradox, the simultaneity of contradictions, which are really the foundations of our consciousness - colorful echoes of memory and sensation. These games remember the missing Art of Memory, the ancient Hermetic of the Egyptians, from Simonides of Ceos to R. Flood and G. Bruno: the key is to reveal to the consciousness of the microcosmos the infinite world it contains . The only true human faculty is the oculus imaginationis, the eye of imagination.

Piano Dentelle Electrolírico is a new opportunity to realize that rational thought does not require language, which is perfectly logical to reason by color, shape, or sound as a musical phenomenon. It thus explores all the possibilities; a Voronoy diagram with permanent dynamics - Entropy in search of Zero - like Light, which, according to physics, follows the Law of Minimum Action, operating through the space-time curvature of Einstein.

In Monmatia everything is in involution-evolution: Both Hyperbole and litotes - a way of affirming through the negation of its opposite; A geographic map of the psyche. Joana Vasconcelos proposes her work as a labyrinth in a straight line (the biggest fear of Kant), directivity through the dark. Suspended is the action of the pianist for an android enchantment, a new alliance of technology and artistic expression, the link Ars Rotunda / Ars Quadrata, in the theater of existence in which they reveal all human expressions. Heavenly and earthly Zodiac. A Memory for images, for places and for sounds or words, from which bloom conceptual flows.

According to Wang Fuzhi, transition is at the heart of reality and art - the pace of change: Summer that follows Spring; Heat following cold; Dynamic potential seeking to materialize.


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